Deacons have been assigned on a rotating basis to contact people on our weekly Joys and Concerns list. These individuals are willing to provide assistance in circumstances where other help might not be available. Please call the church office at 804-740-7083 or one of the team members if you have a joy or concern to share.
There are several ways that the church can pray for you. Those listed on the Joys and Concerns list will be kept in our personal prayers and will be included in the Latest News e-mails. Members may prefer not to be on the Joys and Concerns list but to be prayed for privately, in the personal prayers of the ministers and deacons or in the prayers of the confidential prayer chain. Let your wishes be known to the deacon who contacts you. Our prayer chain is composed of fourteen church members who are dedicated to daily prayers for those who call. All calls are confidential.
Members receive a weekly Latest News email that includes the Joys and Concerns of the church that we have been asked to share.  Members should be sure to be on our email list for this information as well as other timely news.
In order to leave a message on our Prayer Chain, please call the church office at 804-740-7083, press 4 to access the Prayer Chain, and then press 1 to record your message.
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